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“Total Health at a Glance” enables patients and health professionals to view multiple long-term trends AND a patient's current status, all at a single glance.
The added knowledge of health professionals can point to where the patient is likely to go.

“One key‘value add’for me is the ability for the patient to input their‘S’data ahead of a consultation. I think that has a lot of appeal for both doctor and patient.”

Dr. C.B. Auckland, New Zealand
“People taking a bit more responsibility for their own health is definitely needed. Too much emphasis is placed upon the doctor 'fixing' everything.”
Dr. C.T. London, UK
“I particularly like how illness severity scores are shown alongside important events and drug trials. We often miss those connections.”
Dr. P.J. Auckland, New Zealand
“The body image is also a great innovation. This could be useful for children or people unable to articulate issues of concern e.g. poor command of a language.”
Dr. C.B. Auckland, New Zealand
“This is amazing and looks like an unmet need. Many physicians will be interested in being able to correlate overall trends over time with the present.”
Dr V.P. Singapore

Dr. Atsushi Matsunaga
Ohkita Medical Clinic owner, Dr. Atsushi Matsunaga, had a flash of inspiration a few years ago as to how a health records system might overcome his own frustrations with the limitations of incumbent EMRs.

Throughout its long history Ohkita Medical Clinic has retained the Eastern Medicine tradition of treating the whole body, mind and spirit as a holistic entity. It is this background that undoubtedly led to Dr. Matsunaga's breakthrough inspiration, having spent his entire career concerned at modern medicine's seeming inability to prevent sickness in the first place.

Dr. Matsunaga graduated from Kansai Medical University, subsequently undertaking specialized ENT study at Osaka Medical University and Tokyo Medical University. A keen singer, Dr. Matsunaga is Japan's number-one rated voice specialist, having pioneered several types of novel throat operations and treatments. Most of Japan's top voice talents and entertainers have been treated by Dr. Matsunaga, including a number of famous performers from around the world

“Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our system. It was invented out of my frustration at modern medicine's inability to prevent sickness in the first place. I fervently believe that this system's adoption will help patients, researchers and doctors the world over better monitor, protect and treat everyone's health. Through encouraging a healthy mind, body and spirit, person by person, I believe that a more peaceful and healthy world will result. We would be delighted if you would like to join us in our worldwide mission to radically improve health care in an increasingly connected global society”

Dr. Atsushi Matsunaga, Chief Doctor, Ohkita Medical Clinic
Hiroyuki Fujiwara
Our system has been built from the ground up by Hiroyuki Fujiwara, a top security expert contracted by Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. An expert in Network Security, Protocol and Forensic Analysis, Encryption, Overlay Networks, Traceability, Web Application Security, Domain Specific Languages and Multi-Core/Multi-Thread Programming. Our system is built using his XML-based FALCON technology - a framework used by large Japanese companies to protect internet-exposed data in web applications.
Hamish MacDonald
Director and co-founder Hamish MacDonald is a long time entrepreneur in Japan and a tech venture start-up specialist, Hamish was inspired to join Dr. Matsunaga's vision when it was still just an idea in 2003. Since then, he has spent countless hours at Ohkita Medical Clinic in Osaka, Japan, analyzing patient and clinic work flow, doctor's responsibilities, and seeing first-hand the limitations of existing PHR and EMR solutions.
For all enquiries about Lifetime Health Diary or ARISTOTAL outside of Japan, contact Hamish at hamishm@camed.biz

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